Bundesliga – Five theses for the 25th matchday: Rangnicks arrival would endanger Grammozis, Rose threatens the fate of Tedesco

A duo is preparing to re-staff Dortmund’s headquarters. Borussia Mönchengladbach’s coach Marco Rose will probably have one last chance, while Schalke is hoping for the reformer Ralf Rangnick – with all the risks and side effects. Five theses on the 25th day of the Bundesliga.

Three years ago, Borussia Dortmund wanted to buy physicality and mentality for its defensive midfield, after a completely messed up season, sports director Michael Zorc and his team identified significant deficits in this area. So BVB brought Thomas Delaney from Bremen and Axel Witsel from the Chinese league. Both proven mentality players who can sometimes reach out and should give the team something like a new backbone.

Witsel quickly became a new leader, the quieter Delaney his aide. A change of power on the Dortmund double six could be announced this season. Witsel struggled a lot until his serious injury and just didn’t want to get in really good shape. It is now in the stars whether and how the Belgian will come back. Delaney is still an important player for BVB, but the Dane is also getting a lot of pressure from Jude Bellingham and Mo Dahoud.

He has virtually clawed Witsel’s position and has been showing strong performances for weeks. Bellingham played an unbelievable game against Sevilla and also convinced in the 2-0 win against Hertha (the highlights in the video). The Englishman is currently hinting at how important he can become in the years to come. Bellingham is still only 17 years old, and Dahoud, at 25, is the future of BVB compared to the veterans Delaney (29) and Witsel (32).

BVB: Bellingham and Dahoud overtake Delaney and Witsel

Rangnick is an incredibly good developer, as he has proven in around two decades in the Bundesliga and a few leagues below. However, it should not be overlooked that the conditions at Schalke would be completely different than last in the Red Bull cosmos or before that in Hoffenheim. In Rangnick’s last stations, the provision of the appropriate financial resources – to put it bluntly – did not play a major role. There was enough money available and of course a completely different work base than currently at Schalke. There is a lack of it everywhere. But Rangnick also needs money.

In addition, Rangnick would not be one who wanted to make a lot of compromises with other decision-makers. Rangnick will claim as much power as possible. That’s legitimate, after all, he’s the project manager. But this will not take place without several changes in different offices. Rangnick would bring his team with him or put it together one by one. You have to be able to allow that as a club, which is not so easy at Schalke with its enormous fan base and its many political pitfalls.

Specifically, the recently installed Dimitrios Grammozis should also give some serious thought. He wouldn’t be the Rangnick coach who should lead the club back into the Bundesliga. The new strong man would almost certainly choose it himself.

It is getting closer and closer for the Berliners, who have now slipped to a (potential) relegation place for the first time this season. After Dortmund’s 2-0 draw, coach Pal Dardai was anything but happy with his team’s performance, especially in the second half. At least Dardai Senior can look forward to a ray of light in the dark: Dardai Junior has fought for a regular place.

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