Bundesliga: DFL boss Christian Seifert receives award for crisis management

The managing director of the DFL, Christian Seifert, is honored for his outstanding crisis management. As a “visionary pioneer in times of the pandemic”, the 52-year-old received the EASM European Sport Manager Award. The prize is an award for his significant commitment and outstanding contribution to sports management, especially in times of the pandemic.

Seifert, who made a significant contribution to the continuation of the game in professional football by introducing the Corona hygiene concept, has shown extraordinary leadership qualities, according to a statement by the European Association for Sports Management.

During the Corona crisis, the DFL, under its managing director, succeeded among other things as the first major sports league to introduce a hygiene concept and to ensure the return to match operations.

Seifert has shown a high level of collegiality and solidarity by sharing this know-how worldwide and thus helping professional sport through the pandemic.

Seifert, who has been managing director since 2005, had already announced at the end of last year that he would be giving up his position at the DFL in June 2022.

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