“Brutal nonsense”: Kramer doesn’t want to hear from the Rose discussion anymore

After the win at Schalke, coach Marco Rose can breathe a sigh of relief at Borussia Mönchengladbach. The series of bankruptcies has ended.

After the series of bankruptcies ended, Christoph Kramer answered the “most frequently asked question” with refreshing openness. “If your boss quits, you don’t say to yourself: ‘Okay, from today I will only ask shitty questions'”, said the Rio World Champion from Borussia Mönchengladbach after the redeeming 3-0 (1-0) at Schalke 04 ZDF-Reporter Boris Büchler.

He had asked again why Gladbach had only lost after the announcement of the change from coach Marco Rose to Borussia Dortmund. “When the boss quits, you don’t care about everything all of a sudden,” said Kramer: “And the boss who quits doesn’t care about everything either.”

The mood was “the same” as before, “the coach had no other address, we didn’t prepare for a game differently”. Nevertheless, the Champions League round of 16 suffered seven competitive defeats in a row, and Rose was attacked by the fans. This discussion “about the coach and whether we are going to give everything for him”, said the midfielder, was “brutal nonsense”.

Rose: “Winning a game again feels good”

The hope of getting back to the European Cup after the rapid downturn is growing. The gap to seventh place, which could qualify for participation in the new Conference League, has shrunk to two points. A conciliatory end to a difficult second half of the season seems possible again.

“Winning a game again feels good,” said Rose. “We have to take that positive feeling with us, work hard and try to get more victories to follow.” At Schalke, the opponent made it easy for the battered Gladbachers.

The goals were triggered by three individual mistakes: captain Lars Stindl came to the ball after a double fault from full-back William (15th), Stefan Lainer headed in completely unrestricted (63rd), and then goalkeeper Frederik Rönnow maneuvered the ball himself over the line ( 72.).

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