Breathe Alavés, suffer Elche

Alavés players celebrate one of their goals against Elche

Alavés finds the way out of the labyrinth, he’s not out yet but he’s close. The crumbs that Javi Calleja threw were found by his players so as not to get lost in a difficult duel due to their importance and which they faced with solidity and a commendable presence of mind in a situation in which the nerves often play very bad tricks. His rival last night, Elche, looks for the Ikea shortcuts, but always finds the arrows in the opposite direction in the fight to avoid relegation in the League.

Rioja proposes, Joselu has. Or the other way around: Joselu proposes, Rioja disposes. A goal from the Galician striker after an assist from the Sevillian turned the stake of Martínez Valero upside down, one of those electric games, not because of the great sparks, but because of the stripped cables of two teams that were gambling everything on one card. The second, from the center-back, passed the auctioneer, already in the second half, sank Elche, who also collided with Pacheco, in a magnificent state.

Alavés stood up better than a more needy local team, but Rioja was inspired and Joselu was right. The first one disarmed Palacios for his band, and also for the opposite, which was where the Alava goal arrived, in a corner taken short on the left-handed winger, who faked, dribbled and gave him the perfect pass for the perfect shot of Joselu, who always are when the ball goes in.

Luis Rioja was the catalyst for the Alava game. After two arrivals with passes that his teammates did not reach, a robbery in the middle of the field led to the forward’s career. He stood before Gazzaniga and his shot crashed into the post. Edgar did not come to reject.

Elche had previously had an occasion that Boyé was made with an excellent heel that Pacheco guessed, but it was almost a mirage, because the people from Elche jumped onto the pitch tense, with their heads on the cliff, because the game was played by Alavés when they could. and the ball was in play with so many interruptions.

In the second half, Alavés dedicated himself to discounting Elche’s mistakes. Thus came the second goal, in a robbery that encouraged Joselu to run the band, raise his head and see Rioja unmarked, who sentenced. The Basque team was able to do some more, which crashed a ball into the post, while Elche crashed into Pacheco, colossal in all their actions. Although the Alicante team arrived desperately, and with all its artillery on the field, it never found continuity in its football against a stainless steel Alavés, and that is very close to leaving the labyrinth, with 35 points and two games for in front of. Elche, which is not yet evicted, looks very bad.

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