Bottle throwing and pyrotechnics: attacks by Cologne fans on the police

On the sidelines of the Bundesliga match between 1. FC Köln and Schalke 04 (1-0), there were arguments between fans and the police. Numerous Cologne supporters had gathered at the stadium to support the FC. At first it was peaceful, but the mood changed in the final phase of the game.

A group of fans stood close together and lit pyrotechnics, a spokesman for the Cologne police confirmed SID. The emergency services then decided to push the group away from the Junkersdorfer Strasse area.

At that moment, bottles were thrown “from the group” at the police. Local media also report on other objects thrown from them, such as stones and pyrotechnics – the police were initially unable to confirm this when asked by SID. There was also no information on possible injuries.

However, the mission has not yet been completed. The police had already announced in advance that they were in action around the game with four hundred teams.

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