Borja Iglesias ‘trolls’ Jorge Ponce after a motorist steals € 500 from ‘La Resistencia’

Borja Iglesias, Real Betis player.

It all started with a ‘social experiment’ from the television show The resistance. One of your collaborators, Jorge Ponce, stopped a motorcyclist on Madrid’s Gran Vía and asked him if he could go around the block with an envelope with 500 euros that he would give him, to be returned later. The comedian insisted that it was television money and that if he didn’t come back with it, no one was going to miss him. The motorist’s reaction was to take the over riding with him up the street.

When they published the video on the official account of The resistance On twitter, Borja Iglesias, forward of Real Betis, took the opportunity to answer with a ‘trolling’ with a lot of history: “I would have paid the first monthly payment of #uncocheparaponce”. In this way, the soccer player recovered a past interaction with the program, when he tried to help Ponce to get a car.

You have to go back to March 2019, when Borja Iglesias was invited to La Resistencia. By then, Jorge Ponce was in the middle of the campaign to see if someone or a brand would give him a car. For this he used the hashtag #uncarparaponce. What’s more He proposed to the forward to celebrate his next goal by making the gesture of moving the wheel of a car to support you.

Borja Iglesias scored and kept his promise, to the surprise of the program. Ponce and presenter David Broncano made a video call with the then Espanyol player to comment on the play.

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