Bordalás: “I come to recover the DNA of Valencia”

“I come to recover the DNA of Valencia, which is different and everyone knows it, and to get a competitive team. I am not here to establish anything new, ”said Pepe Bordalás this Thursday during the presentation ceremony at the Mestalla as the bat’s new coach. After five seasons at Getafe, the Alicante coach signs with Valencia for the next two seasons with the possibility of another optional.

Bordalás skilfully dodged questions referring to previous stages, especially the last one with Javi Gracia, and sent permanent winks to Anil Murthy, whom he referred to over and over as “my president” just as he did with Ángel Torres. Warned that the questions would have a critical component towards Murthy’s management and the atmosphere that is breathed in the street against the main shareholder, Peter Lim, the Alicante technician pointed out that he was not going to “talk about the past” and that he detected “pessimism” among journalists.

“They keep telling me about last season. But I am not talking about the past. I will never do it. I see that they are very pessimistic, I am not. I come here to try to improve Valencia CF. I’m convinced. It is an important challenge, not without difficulty, I know, but we will look forward to taking it forward. I like challenges. I come to try to improve the previous season, “argued Bordalás, who stressed that his mind” is on training, directing, and trying to excite everyone to be a reliable and competitive team. That is what I have in mind. I try to unite and not create conflicts because conflicts do not help ”.

As happened to Gracia, Bordalás arrives without having met Peter Lim. “I have not spoken to Peter Lim. It is not necessary. I have spoken with Anil, who is in contact with Lim, and in the end they decided that I should be the coach. Without a doubt I will meet him ”, he guaranteed optimistically.

Part of the interest of the press conference was to know the opinion of the coach on how to proceed with Meriton regarding sports planning and the performance that he was going to have in the preparation of the squad after the marginal role to which his predecessor was relegated. Javi Gracia. The word “consensus” appeared repeatedly. “I cannot say anything publicly. We have to sit down and work in a consensual manner; analyze the needs of the team with respect to the previous season to achieve important results. We have talked about issues that I cannot talk about. I know the staff, the project, the needs they have and, little by little, we will agree on everything ”.

Subjected to significant economic wear, Valencia will put its most important assets on the market this summer. Bordalás, at first, said that he had not had time “to talk about which players are non-transferable or not, we cannot influence the coaches on that either. It depends on the offers that reach the club ”. Later, the Alicante-born player clarified that “there are players who are going to continue yes or yes, and there may be some who can leave as long as the offer is interesting and very important for Valencia.” Bordalás, cross-examined, refused to reveal the identity of the players that Meriton is not going to release for sale. “I can’t tell you which players are going to continue yes or yes, but you can imagine them.”

Instead, he did speak of reinforcements. “You need to incorporate players in specific positions so that they give the team a quality leap and, from there, I am optimistic. We are going to agree on what will be the squad for next season. We will try to make mistakes as little as possible and get the incorporations right “, commented the new coach of the bat, who indicated:” There are players with a lot of potential who last year were not at their best level, they know it, and one of my objectives is to recover them. ”.

His game idea is another of the unknowns. Transplanting the combativeness of Getafe to the withered Valencia of last year will be another challenge. “The idea of ​​the game will depend on the squad, the players who leave and those who are going to come. The 4-4-2 has been a drawing that I have used for several seasons in my previous team due to the profile of the players. The idea is for the team to be offensive, to inspire, to have an ambitious and winning mentality, and to set itself important challenges, because that is what I try to instill in my players. We cannot think of our weaknesses but rather of our virtues ”, ended.

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