Bonuses quadrupled: rain of money for women’s Champions League

More money, more technology: the redesigned Champions League brings financial advantages and greater equity to women’s football. From the coming season, UEFA will distribute a total of 24 million euros, four times more than before, to the future 16 premier class participants and their leagues. In addition, the video referee will be used from the beginning of the knockout phase and not only in the final as before.

The qualified clubs can look forward to a rain of money totaling around 18.5 million euros. As an entry fee, each club receives a minimum fee of 400,000 euros and thus five times the previous bonus for reaching the round of 16; the title winner can hope for a total of up to 1.4 million euros.

In addition, UEFA is distributing a total of a further 5.5 million euros as a solidarity payment to clubs from the leagues of the qualified Champions League starters, which must flow into the further development of women’s football.

For UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin, the announced improvements are “a huge step forward for football. The competition’s new financial distribution model will strengthen all professional women’s football across Europe”.

In the women’s Champions League, as of the new season, analogous to its men’s counterpart, a group phase with 16 teams will take place instead of knockout games from the first round with 32 clubs. After the preliminary round, the knockout rounds begin with the quarter-finals.

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