Boca and River played on penalties in the Cup semifinals … and this attempt ‘a la Panenka’ almost changed everything

Cardona and his Panenka penalty at Boca - River

Boca Juniors Y River plate they went to penalties this Sunday to decide who would access the semifinals of the Argentine Cup. The two giants of Argentine soccer played it from eleven meters and, with 2-1 in the shoot-out in favor of the xeneizes, Edwin Cardona played it ‘a la Panenka’ but the attempt to show off went wrong and complicated life for his team, although Boca ended up winning.

The party had everything. A goal by Carlos Tevez poorly validated by referee Facundo Tello in the 10th minute, an outstanding debut by River Plate goalkeeper Alan Díaz, 21, and a ‘Millionaire’ who fought despite having 15 players with covid-19.

The debut of goalkeeper Díaz by River was one of the highlights of the Superclásico, since the goalkeeper became the 37th youth who makes his debut in the Marcelo Gallardo cycle With the exception that he was the first to make his debut in a match against Boca Juniors.

In the first stage Boca went with everything, but River held on until in minute 10 Tevez scored his 50th goal with Boca in La Bombonera.

The annotation was overshadowed by a foul that ‘el Apache’ committed to Jonatan Maidana and that the referee Facundo Tello did not sanction despite facing the two players.

So they went to break, with a Boca looking to expand the scoreboard and a River that stood well behind and in which Díaz stood out when the defense failed to stop the offense ‘Xeneize’.

With that same attitude, the two teams took to the field for the second half and there Diaz shone by stopping three goal-looking balls in the 51st, 65th and 85th minutes, all coming off Tevez’s feet.

In the middle of the period, River began to attack those of Russo with more hunger and in a precise center Julián Álvarez scored the equalizer with a header.

With 1-1 came the shots from the penalty spot to meet the qualifier for the semifinal of the Argentine Cup. They scored for Boca, Tevez, Villa, Iquierdoz and Buffarini. Cardona failed.

For River they converted Montiel and Álvarez and wasted Ponzio and Angileri.

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