Blast at Admira: Felix Magath says goodbye again

Felix Magath’s commitment to Admira has already ended. The former Bayern coach announced his withdrawal from the southern part of the city in a personal statement on Wednesday.

In January 2020, Felix Magath was hired as head of “Flyeralarm Global Soccer” at Admira and Würzburger Kickers – now the 67-year-old has finished his job again.

Magath justifies his withdrawal with the “unprecedented” corona pandemic. “Due to the constantly changing regulations since March 2020 up to the suspension of training and games in the academy, it became more and more difficult for our project to successfully implement the agenda that had actually been set: the professionalization, the constant expansion of our academy and intensive promotion of young talents, like our new U21 team player Luca Kronberger, “said Magath in a statement. “Because of the unprecedented situation for all of us, we and I made mistakes.”

Nevertheless, Magath is “absolutely convinced” that Admira will again achieve relegation. “I hope that the announced goals of finally playing in the championship round again will be achieved in the coming season,” says Magath. “I will continue to keep my fingers crossed for Admira from a distance, as was the case recently, owing to our situation.”

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