Bielsa’s viral speech against the Super League: “The problem is that the rich always aspire to be more powerful”

Marcelo Bielsa, after Leeds - Liverpool

Marcelo bielsa, coach of the Leeds and considered a philosopher of football for his leisurely reflections (and sometimes a bit strange, hence his nickname ‘Loco’), he has gained prominence in the middle of the maelstrom on the Super league.

It is due to the statements he made after the game that faced his team with him Liverpool, one of the founders of this controversial competition, and who has already been attacked with banners and T-shirts. In his interventions with the media, the ‘Loco’ explained more or less the same thing: this is a a question of classes, of rich against poor.

“The most powerful are so for what they produce and for what they summon. But the rest are indispensable, and what gives health to the competition is the possibility of health of the weak, not the excess growth of the strong. But the logic that prevails in the world, and football is not out of that, it is thatThe powerful are richer at the cost of the weak being poorer“, he pointed.

It was wider then. “The most powerful teams have achieved their power also through competition from the rest. And when they don’t need them to earn more money, the logic with which they work allows them to rule out those who no longer serve their objectives. It’s one thing. very common, not only in football. It should not surprise us. It is something admitted and allowed. The fundamental problem is that the rich always aspire to be more powerful without considering the consequences that this produces on the rest. When they increase in power, they claim privileges proportional to the weakness of those who remain below and the strength of those who become more powerful. This should not be surprising, because this does not happen overnight. There are a lot of structures that put limits on inequality that have been made more flexible and granted, and there comes a time when what is inevitable happens “.

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