Beyond Marcelo: the Valencian player Guedes skipped the perimeter fence to go to Ibiza; Koeman escaped to Marbella …

Gonçalo Guedes and his girlfriend in Ibiza

The getaway of Marcelo to Valencia it is targeting massive criticism, especially from politics. The mayor of the city of Turia, the socialist Joan Ribó, used the offense of the player of Real Madrid to, incidentally, attack Isabel Diaz Ayuso, focus of the political action of the PSOE at the national level with a view to the next elections on May 4.

Reality, however, has shown that Marcelo it has not been, far from it, the only footballer who has bypassed the perimeter closure to which the autonomous communities are subject. Ironically, one of the cases that have jumped in the last hours is that of a player of the Valencia, Gonçalo Guedes, who with his partner also breached it to go to Ibiza for a few days and they also shared it on their social networks.

The Ribó’s contradiction is evident, since a footballer of the main team of the city of which he is mayor has not been so harshly criticized by his part or by that of Ximo Puig, president of the Valencian Government. The mayor, in ‘The Great Match of COPE’, He tried to avoid his ironic silence about the Portuguese player, who has not been called up with his team and has a few days off.

“If you understand backwards the reasoning that we make both of the Generalitat as we do, the fault will be ours. But we continually speak of precaution and of maintaining the regulations. It is a language that does not correspond to that of Mrs. Díaz Ayuso,” he justified Mayor.

Even though the vast majority of footballers, from within Madrid and abroad, have complied with the mandatory perimeter closure, not all have done so. Another very important case is that of Ronald Koeman, coach of FC Barcelona.

The Blaugrana coach and his wife went to Marbella last weekend, according to Mundo Deportivo. Both Catalonia and Andalusia are confined to the perimeter, so like Guedes and Marcelo, the Blaugrana coach the regulation has been skipped. It is unknown whether, as in the case of the Real Madrid player, the club knew that their coach was going to leave the community.

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