Betis resist with 10 against a weak Athletic

Betis was gambling to continue stepping on carpet in the League and Athletic only trying to get out of the depression, which is not easy after the fiascos of the Cup finals. The game seemed to have a predictable script with those two arguments, but a imponderable. Fekir made a very serious mistake in the 11th minute. His squad against Unai Vencedor, reviewed by the VAR, ended up with a red card.

It was an entry that went unnoticed at first glance, but that the machine that sees everything, denounced. He was right, and Betis was condemned to play with ten for the rest of the game, a fatality due to recklessness. It cost his team that, having to play in tow throughout the first half.

It was not the first Betic recklessness, because a few minutes before, Emerson played a penalty in a late entry to Morcillo that the same could be, no. The ball fell from his side of the net. Betis penalized, but Athletic arrived with the condemnation of the two lost finals, which weigh like a prisoner’s ball, and that was noticeable in their thick football. Betis endured with enough solvency, but very far from his way of playing football. He couldn’t dominate, but was dominated, and had to run a lot after the ball. He played stone, and Pellegrini’s team took the pick to do it, and so the whole game. He tried to stretch in the opening minutes of the second half, with the remaining vigor. He seemed to dominate at first, and the VAR plunged him back into uncertainty due to a goal disallowed by Mandi by millimeters, but then he backed off and got into his area, while the rojiblancos regained dominance.

But Athletic wasn’t there for alegrías. Clumsy inside the area, he tried from outside, and his best opportunities came in shots from Unai López, who when he came out put some order, and Raúl García. Claudio Bravo answered both times. It was a game that sounded like a draw, although the Betic instinct when he stepped on the opposite field, could play against him first, and in his favor later. In his last corner, already in discount, he left his rear unguarded, and the counterattack led by Unai López ended in a shot from Villalibre to the crossbar. With the time passed, once again the Betis were thrown into the rival area as if there was no tomorrow, which there was not, and Laínez picked up a loose ball that Unai Simón cleared. The game ended there, with a very worked draw.

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