Benzema, the despised by France who decides when, how and where in the Real Madrid attack

Benzema celebrates one of his goals against Celta.

Karim Benzema This year, he is playing his twelfth season as a Real Madrid player. And, despite the years, the experience, the successes and failures and the numerous titles achieved in the last decade, the French live who is possibly his most important moment as a madridista.

Since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018, Benzema has been required to step up, fill the Portuguese gap and lead the white attack. Break that barrier that still kept him in a certain second row and earn full respect and recognition once and for all. And he did. From minute one, he became CEO.

The Frenchman has always competed against the burden of not being a typical ‘9’ and has been the subject of continuous criticism for his low contribution to the scoring quota, overlooking the importance of their ball management, his vision of the game with and without him on his feet, his technique, his finesse in form and his omnipresence in all the gear of the Madrid forward. In addition, since the goodbye of CR7, he has also scored more goals, He doesn’t just make them for others.

Two did this Saturday against Celta. And they are already 17 in the league. A double to add a final assist to Asensio that revealed, for the umpteenth time, the qualities of the white ‘9’ to know when, how, where and why at all times of the game.

Real Madrid, what it was always winning in spring, As Manuel Jabois has already burned, he has one of his great hopes and illusions in the Frenchman in the final stretch of the season.

An out of series that, inexplicably, has not received the forgiveness of Didier Deschamps and has been ostracized from a selection that, even a champion without him, does not seem to realize what is being lost.

That lack of a goal that is usually placed as a handicap has Benzema, by the way, in the fifth position of the top scorers in the club’s history, with 271. Cristiano Ronaldo, Raúl, Di Stefano and Santilla they are the only ones who surpass him. Simple data.

KB9 is the essence of white attack and his understanding with Kroos borders on obscene when the fineness of both is carefully appreciated. An ‘exiled’ superclass that finally gets the recognition it deserves.

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