Benzema, convinced of Zidane’s future: “I don’t see Madrid without him, he’s not going to leave, you’ll see …”

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema (i) greets coach Zinedine Zidane.

Karim Benzema is in a happy professional moment after having called up for the French national team for the European Championship six years after his international absence for the ‘Valbuena case‘. The Real Madrid forward has given an interview to L’Equipe in which he addresses his return to France and the Zidane’s future on the white team.

“He has been Real Madrid coach until now, right? I don’t see him leaving. He is not going to leave, you’ll see. If he leaves, he leaves … But for now, I don’t see Real without Zidane“, he says, about the Madrid coach.

A figure, Zidane, very important in Benzema’s career in recent years: “Zizou has always been sincere with me. Close and very sincere. When things are going well, he tells me, but when they aren’t, he tells me too! He’s always very open about it, whether it’s in training or in games. That is why I respect him so much, he is always very direct with me. That gives me a lot of confidence on the field. He is my coach, but he is like my older brother“, says the coach, in the midst of the uncertainty about whether he will continue on the Real Madrid bench.

Continuing with the news of the white team, Benzema has wanted give credit to the collective effort in a difficult season for Madridistas: “Look at it like this: we have had 60 injuries! At no time, Real Madrid played with their typical team. Many had Covid, even Zizou. It has been a difficult season. But despite that, we reached the semifinals of the Champions League and we fought until the last day in LaLiga. We could have won everything and we have lost everything, that’s how football is. “

Regarding his participation in the Eurocup, Benzema was very happy although he revealed that he found out on television: “The buzz had increased, it was the event of the day. And I was waiting like everyone else, in front of the TV, and with all my relatives on the phone, my mom, my dad “.

Regarding the conversation he had with Deschamps, he positions himself in the same line as the coach and did not reveal many details: “We talked about many things, It was a long conversation between men, which will remain between us. We said many, many things to each other. We not only talked about football, but about everything: about life, about family … But at no time did he say to me: ‘You will be in the Euro Cup’. The only thing I said to myself after that conversation was that we had given a big step together and that was positive, “he explains.

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