Benzema and Marcelo, the face and the cross of the veteran Real Madrid

Marcelo and Benzema.

Benzema Y Marcelo have been two of the white protagonists in Real Madrid’s draw against Chelsea in the duel of semifinals first leg of the Champions. Yes indeed, for opposite reasons, since the forward was again the savior of his and the Brazilian, a nightmare in defense. One, a perfect example of adaptation to age and the different needs of the team. The other, of the fall of a great footballer who does not raise his head.

Benzema once again established himself as the great hero of Real Madrid to rescue his team from a game that seemed to be very uphill -and from a tie that even more, if possible- with the tying goal against the ‘blues’. The maneuver, a sign that the Frenchman is in a very sweet state, in a bizarre play in which the ball ends up raining. Tap your head to control and quick volley to shoot Chelsea’s goal.

One more game in which Karim is the great star of the whites, enlightening a career in the impeccable club and only covered by the prominence of Cristiano Ronaldo. And the count of the times in which Benzema has been the MVP of a Madrid match has already been lost, this time with the permission of an immense Courtois, also a savior.

With this, you already accumulate 28 goals in the 40 games who has played this season, seasoned with 7 assists, thus practically influencing one goal per game.

A performance that is being completely opposite to that of another Real Madrid legend, which for a couple of seasons has not gone through its best moment. Marcelo, who has lost the title for good this season to the benefit of Mendy, had his umpteenth opportunity to claim back, in a big game, but disappointed again.

Against Chelsea he was uncomfortable with the system of three centrals and was quite lost both with the ball and without it in the long hour of the game that was on the pitch. The Brazilian’s band was a free highway for Mount, Werner and Pulisic that Nacho was fortunately able to cover after Zidane’s adjustment to avoid bleeding.

The work of the Spanish in defense gave wings to Marcelo to strike in attack, although without special significance, beyond giving the center from which Benzema’s goal was born. Anyway, the umpteenth game in which Real Madrid’s ’12’ leaves something to be desired, being a shadow of the dominant lateral that was.

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