Belgium coach Roberto Martinez appeased the Eden Hazard case: “No war” with Real Madrid

Belgium coach Roberto Martinez has denied wide-ranging differences between the Belgian association and Hazard’s club Real Madrid in the Eden Hazard dispute. “We are working in the same direction as Real Madrid,” Martinez said at a press conference on Friday: “There is no division, there is no war. We are all trying to find the best solution.”

The background is another injury of 30-year-old Hazard, who has not got a leg on the ground since moving to Madrid in summer 2019. Again and again, some serious muscle injuries, the cause of which are said to be a protracted problem in the ankle, throw him back. To remedy this, the doctors of the Belgian national team Hazard advised another ankle operation – it would be his third.

However, the team doctors from Real advised her 115 million man against it. In the end, the decision was made against further intervention. Martinez was now doing his best to defuse the situation. “I can assure Madrid and their fans that we only want the best for Eden. The rehab process has now started,” he said.

Hazard had only celebrated his comeback after a six-week break in the 2-1 win against FC Elche last weekend, but the 15-minute mission was not without renewed consequences. For Real, Hazard has only made 36 competitive appearances in almost two years.

There is still no schedule for the next return. “We just think about what he needs to feel comfortable,” said Martinez, who was “very optimistic” about Hazard: “He’s disappointed that he can’t play, but he’s already looking forward to the next goal . He is in the prime of his career. “

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