Bayern versus PSG: Kohler criticizes defensive performance as a “catastrophe”

Ex-national player Jürgen Kohler criticized the defensive performances of Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain after the wild quarter-final first leg in the Champions League.

“What both lines of defense showed in this game was a disaster, it had nothing to do with international class,” wrote Kohler after the 2: 3 in his kicker-Column.

Kohler did not want to go into any further details, but he criticized that PSG were “very bad” in the air and that Bayern made mistakes when they conceded goals by “always coming one step too late”.

“Poor room layout and a lack of tactical agreements are deadly against an attacker with the class of a Kylian Mbappe,” said Kohler, who, for example, also agreed with the Daily Mail from England in this view. “It was almost as if Bayern Munich hadn’t done their homework,” wrote the paper after the game.

Kohler was nevertheless optimistic about the second leg: “Munich can win with two goals difference at PSG – but not if they make so many simple mistakes.”

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