Bayern Munich: Thomas Müller sees parallels between young footballers and horses

Rio World Champion Thomas Müller has once again emphasized his passion for horse breeding, but the 31-year-old from Bayern Munich does not want to ride himself for the time being. He has also discovered parallels between young footballers and young horses.

To ride myself is “too risky because I didn’t want to run the risk of falling down and injuring myself. As a professional footballer, I can’t afford that,” said Müller in an interview with Munich Mercury and tz.

Müller’s wife Lisa is part of the German perspective squad as a dressage rider. Together they run a breeding and sports company with 50 horses in Otterfing, south of Munich. “For me it’s a great balance to football. It’s my wife’s fault – she infected me with the horse virus,” said Müller. Watching horses grow up is “very touching”.

There are also “parallels to my world of competition. Accompanying a young horse on the way up is comparable to the path of a young footballer to the top,” said Müller: “You have to observe and learn to assess both: Enough The potential? I like that, especially in dressage. There is this allure of chasing after a certain perfection. “

In addition, it is “very exciting to take part in tournaments, especially when your own horses are at the start – that is a nice feeling. And always the question: Can Lisa call up what she has already shown at home in the test.” ? “said Müller.

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