Bayern interest, Gomez flattery and Beckham as a role model: Borna Sosa is the flank god with his own video specialist

The new dream duo of VfB Stuttgart: Sasa Kalajdzic and Borna Sosa

Hardly anyone in the Bundesliga hits more dangerous crosses than Borna Sosa from VfB Stuttgart. One of his role models plays with the upcoming opponent – who was also interested in him.

The matter of auditioning at a potential new employer is over. Bayern Munich has signed Omar Richards (23) from the English second division FC Reading as a back-up for Alphonso Davies and the left-back position for the coming season.

But Borna Sosa (23), who was in conversation in Munich in February, would have been given away for the role that has now been assigned anyway. The left-back of VfB Stuttgart is now too good and too constant in his performances to be at the back of the record champions’ food chain.

And why should Sosa find a new favorite buyer for his flanks again when he has already found his second dream partner in the storm at VfB Stuttgart? Sosa has already prepared eight goals with his crosses this season, half of them were used by Sasa Kalajdzic, who can surpass VfB storm legend Fredi Bobic in the game in Munich on Saturday (Liveticker): If Kalajdzic also scores in Munich, the Austrian would have been in eight games always been successful.

Kalajdzic and Sosa, the long Austrian and the Croatian with the left flank kick, get along so well on the pitch that the first comparisons were made with the legendary HSV duo Horst Hrubesch and Manni Kaltz, who played together from 1978 to 1983.

VfB Stuttgart: Mario Gomez writes Sosa SMS

Sosa was not yet born when Kaltz served one crooked flank after the next – albeit from the right – on Hrubesch’s skull, but he did find out more and said yes SPOX and goal: “It’s a very big comparison, because both players have shaped the Bundesliga for many years. There are certainly certain parallels, but I don’t think we can be compared. Sasa and I haven’t been around long enough for that.”

In the summer of 2018, Sosa came from Dinamo Zagreb to VfB, the first two seasons were mixed, he only made twelve appearances in the Bundesliga and the 2nd division. But especially Mario Gomez fell in love with Sosa’s flanks right away. To this day, after each of his submissions, he gets a text message from the retired goalscorer, Sosa once said image.

“I love your left foot! I miss the interaction with you,” said Sosa about the content. “We write and talk on the phone from time to time and talk not only about football, but also about private matters. He’s like a big brother to me, whom I can always ask for advice,” he adds SPOX and goal.

If the two were the same age, he would have presented Gomez with “150 goals”. In fact there were three, Kalajdzic benefited more from a Sosa-Assist. What else did Kalajdzic have that Gomez didn’t have, apart from his correct age? “The size of two meters,” says Sosa with a laugh. “Sasa is a very good striker, but of course there are still things he can learn from Mario. If he does that, he’ll improve even more. Mario was an incredible striker!”

But Sosa, who speaks Croatian, English and Spanish and understands German at least very well, just reducing it to flanking, would be inappropriate. As a second role model next to Beckham he names “David Alaba, because he has shaped the left-back position for years and is currently showing how flexible and well he can play in other positions. That is impressive”. And similar to Alaba at Bayern, Sosa would like to take free kicks every now and then.

VfB Stuttgart: pain threshold for Sosa at 15-20 million

But he describes Bayern Munich’s interim interest as “motivation for me”. At the same time, however, it is also “the confirmation that we are on the right track personally and with VfB Stuttgart”. With the promoted Soas now comes eighth to the championship table, the impression of the first half of the season that VfB is better than the Bundesliga, has been confirmed in recent weeks.

“Yes, that is clearly the case. We have a lot of young players and we have a high tempo in our ranks. It suits our style of play if we have space in the rooms and can play to the speed. But it is also extremely important that we are a year further in terms of development and our team has grown together once again, “says Sosa.

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