Baskonia force the tiebreaker against Valencia

Baskonia completed an almost impeccable first half, with success in shooting and impudence in stealing, against a washed-out Valencia, without initiative, to see them come, giving away balls in attack, with continuous losses. Ivanovic’s team, intense in defense, disarmed its rival and forced the tiebreaker match this Friday at La Fonteta.

With Henry on, the Baskonistas ran back and forth and scored profusely. The first quarter ended with ten points of difference (26-16), They reached their maximum advantage (39-20), with two minutes remaining, although Dubljevic appeared in the final moments to decorate the light after a bad first half for Valencia, which did not reach the level of intensity of the initial match at La Fonteta.

The game was more open in the second half. Valencia measured their actions more, adjusted their marks in defense and began to hit more in attack. Despite everything, the visiting team still did not show good feelings, as if it were all because Baskonia sr had taken a breather. Despite Williams’ spurt, the Vitorian team’s difference never dropped below eleven points, because, as Ivanovic had requested, his team continued, although with less success, playing with the same intensity.

Gedraitis and Dragic were a magnificent complement to Henry, who when he fainted, found his look in Colom. A triple by Peters in the last second of the third quarter, extended the distance to 16 points (62-46) and Valencia, which added a scandalous number of losses, seemed defeated. Only a triple from Prepelic encouraged his team. The Slovenian, the most successful of the visiting team, narrowed the differences, but Baskonia did not get carried away by nerves; he again took command, put things in their place, neutralized Valencia and forced the third game of the tie. The current champions do not want to get off the throne.


Baskonia: Henry (8), Polonara (7), Giedraitis (15), Sedekerskis (2), Jekiri (12) –starting team–; Colom (4), Fall (2), Peters (13), Dragic (13), Massenat (0)

Valencia: Van Rossom (7), Kalinic (5), Williams (11), Tobey (5), Vives (0) – starting team -; Prepelic (20), Dubljevic (7), Hermannsson (6); Labeyrie (0); Tailor (4).

Partial: 26-16, 15-12, 21-18, 14-19.

Referees: Pérez, Padrós and Torres. Without eliminated.

Fernando Buesa Arena. Behind closed doors.

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