Barefoot from Ghana to Spain for a better life: the emotional debut of Inaki Williams’ brother Nico

Inaki Williams’ brother Nico made his professional debut for Athletic Bilbao against Valladolid. A moment full of emotion considering the past.

When in the Estadio de San Mames in Bilbao, Basque, on Wednesday evening in the game against Real Valladolid, the number 30 lit up in green on the exchange board after almost 60 minutes and Nico Williams entered the field, the 18-year-old’s dream of profit was not simply fulfilled.

No, the offensive man’s debut is associated with much more than half an hour of La Liga football and minutes together with his brother Inaki (26), who came on as a substitute just ten minutes later.

William’s parents in particular couldn’t be prouder to see their sons together in a team on the lawn, because they had to suffer a lot to make this dream possible for their offspring.

It is by no means a matter of course that Nico and Inaki can now both call themselves professionals. In order to enable their children to have a better life later, the Williams family once set out for Spain from their homeland, Ghana.

5,000 kilometers through the desert: The lie by plane

“Since I was a child, my father told me he came by plane,” Inaki said. A story that was quickly replaced by a bitter truth. Because instead of covering the almost 5,000 kilometers in the air, Williams’ parents took the walk barefoot. Father Felix even lost feeling in his feet on the grueling journey.

“My father told me the story. My hair stood on end,” said Inaki. The knowledge that his parents had walked through the Sahara desert, saw people die and initially ended up in a prison as war refugees left him speechless.

The striker, who has not missed a league game with the Basques since April 2016 (!), Knows that he owes his life today to the courage and perseverance of his parents: “Thanks to the fact that they found good people, who helped them opened up the possibility of reaching Bilbao. And that’s why I’m an Athletic player. There are times when you have to believe in fate. “

Fate turned for the better and so it is truly no coincidence that Nico wore the same shirt number on his debut as Inaki on his first appearance in December 2014.

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