Barcelona says goodbye with a great goal from Griezmann

Griezmann, during the match against Eibar.

He hit Barça with a single shot between the three sticks to claim victory in Ipurua. Griezmann’s left-handed volley, excellent in the definition from a very forced position, was the most meritorious action of a sad game, both teams disenchanted, Eibar already relegated and Barça dismounted from the top of the League. Nothing seems to matter at Barcelona since Laporta claimed that he had missed the title “in an incomprehensible way” and began to target the players and ignore Koeman.

There are few teams in any case with the personality of Eibar de Mendilibar. Always play without taking into account the rival, the field and the category, even in his goodbye to the League. He had intensity and determination, he did not stop putting centers from the sides, especially active against the surpassed Junior, and he finished many more plays than Barça, until Bryan Gil was injured.

The Catalans did not leave their court, without passing thread and repetitive in the losses of the ball, inferior in direct duels and without Yoel’s arrival at the goal. Ter Stegen injured, Neto had no respite and Griezmann could not bring the game together in the absence of Pedri and Messi. The team left the championship the day the leadership was played at the Camp Nou and lost to Granada. That day gave up even the optimistic Laporta.

Bryan Gil’s injury, however, stunned Eibar and woke up Barça. The Barça activation, increased with the changes, culminated in Griezmann’s goal. The Frenchman tempered Barça’s frustration and Eibar had no other response than a shot at the post from Inui. Nobody was aware of Ipurua but of Zorrilla. Atlético sang the alirón with a goal from Luis Suárez. The Uruguayan was fired in the summer by Koeman when no one suspected that at the end of the season the threatened dismissal could be the Barcelona coach himself. Nobody has a safe place at the Camp Nou.

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