Barcelona replaces Tokyo as the venue for the Pre-Olympic of artistic swimming

The Spanish artistic swimming team at the 2019 European Championship in Budapest.

The Spanish artistic swimming team will play the pass to the Tokyo Games in the Pre-Olympic to be held in Barcelona from June 10 to 13. The International Swimming Federation (FINA) has designated Barcelona as the venue for the event that should have been held in Tokyo from 1 to 4 May. FINA canceled in early April the pre-Olympic competitions that were to be held in Japan, also the World Cup of Jumping, from April 18 to 23, and the Open-water Pre-Olympic, on May 30 in Fufuoka. FINA argued that the cancellation was due to the fact that the covid-19 precautions planned by the organizers did not “adequately” guarantee the safety of the athletes. The Jumping World Cup will finally be held from May 1 to 6 in Tokyo, with the presence of seven Spanish jumpers, five men and two women, and the open water qualifier, from 19 to 20 in Setúbal, where Paula Ruiz and María de Valdés will fight for an Olympic place that Alberto Martínez has already secured in the men’s category.

The Spanish artistic swimming team, to which Ona Carbonell returns after a long absence and having been a mother, aspires to take one of the three places still up for grabs to participate in Tokyo after her absence in the team event in the Rio Games in 2016.

In addition to the pre-Olympic event, Barcelona will also host the Superfinal of the World Series of artistic swimming, which brings together the best in the world. “I sincerely thank and acknowledge the immense support and enthusiasm of the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN) to celebrate this competition in such a challenging and difficult context. In a very short time, our Spanish friends have once again demonstrated their commitment to FINA and swimming. Together, we will work tirelessly for the achievement of this competition, but also for the best possible result of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the sporting milestone of the year ”, said the president of FINA, the Uruguayan Julio César Maglione.

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