Barcelona appeals to negotiation

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin at his body's congress on Tuesday.

Barcelona practice tacticism with the Super League. Such that he was a mediator, President Joan Laporta, who when he was an electoral candidate had shown himself against the new competition, is now negotiating with the different agents involved to find a way out of the conflict generated after the Barça club and Real Madrid are the only ones of the 12 founders who have not withdrawn from the project led by Florentino Pérez – Juventus and Milan expressed their resignation to the project ending in nothing. An authorized spokesman for the Barça institution commented this Wednesday: “It is not about putting a tweet or writing a statement to say that you are erased and that’s it, but about taking advantage of the situation to find solutions.” “UEFA cannot capitalize as a success that the tournament is not held because the problems and demands continue and it must change the current economic framework and adapt the sporting one. We have to reflect ”, they insist at the Camp Nou. Ahead is the debate on the future reform of the Champions announced by UEFA a few hours after the official birth of the Super League. However, the European body feels the winner of the conflict and enhances its position of dominance. “There is nothing or very little to negotiate,” says a UEFA official.

The current conflict is of such magnitude that even actors who seemed irreconcilable have come together to face a common enemy: in the Spanish sphere, LaLiga and the Federation, the organizations chaired by Javier Tebas and Luis Rubiales, have momentarily parked their long part of war to show their rejection of the embryo that Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético signed. On the international stage, UEFA and FIFA also teamed up against a giant who threatened to wrest control of football from them. For UEFA, the competition that generates annual capital gains was at stake. For FIFA, it was about protecting its most important confederation and, in turn, opening a door for its new Club World Cup to include the majority of the big European clubs.

In the absence of the opinion of President Laporta, Barça expressed themselves this Wednesday through their coach, Ronald Koeman, and one of their captains, Gerard Piqué – as happened at Atlético with Simeone and Koke. The Barcelona central defender used social networks: “Football belongs to the fans. Today more than ever ”. The text was signed by Koeman: “I agree with Piqué’s tweet.” Although he does not consider himself the club’s spokesman, the coach added: “It is normal for presidents to speak and think about the future. But many things in football don’t have to change: if you win, it has to be useful for something ”. “Everyone is talking about the Super League and the Champions League, but UEFA does not listen to the coaches, the players or the clubs. The most important thing for them is money. The first thing they should do is protect the footballer, for example with the game schedules, ”Koeman said.

The coach admitted that he had spoken with Laporta and commented on the club’s position: “But the best thing is not to give an opinion after so much movement as there has been. Many things can happen, nobody knows what can happen, you have to wait. What I want is the best for this club. The spokesperson, in any case, is always the president. My job is to prepare the team for the next game ”. Piqué also developed his opinion in an interview with Universo Valdano: “The president of Barça has inherited a club in very bad economic circumstances and is going to make the best possible decision. From the perspective of a footballer, it is not a positive decision for the football world in the short term. Do we want this for soccer? That Seville, Valencia, Everton, Leicester or Naples disappear? Because those clubs are going to tend to be worth zero ”.

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