Barça master lesson in Milan

Oriola beats Hines.

The Armani Milan of Ettore Messina and Sergio Rodríguez is one of the teams that marks the step in this Euroleague without an audience that is already starting to prepare the starting grid for the quarterfinals. He was, along with Anadolu Efes and CSKA Moscow, one of the firm candidates to argue with Barça the first place in which he has been installed almost all season. But the duel they fought in the Mediolanum left the Italian team very badly affected, which crashed with the defense and the excellent collective performance of a plethora of Barça (56-72).

The magnitude of the beating was such that the entire last quarter became a triumphant ride for the Barça team, with advantages of 20 points (46-66) with five minutes remaining. The Barça defense, in a zone during many phases, reduced the Italian team to ashes. He averaged almost 82 points. For the first time this season he did not even reach 60 points. Used to hitting 3-pointers, this time he only hit two of the 15 times he threw from maximum distance. The intimidation of the defense of the Barça began to see to the first of change. Calathes fed Oriola and Davies to box near the Italian rim. Milan only revived when Jeremy Evans and Sergio Rodríguez came to the fore (23-19). Mirotic, at zero until then, scored eight points almost in a row and, with Calathes’ management, Hanga’s energy and the rebound dominance, Barça began to put distance (29-38).

Panther, Shields, Leday, Milan’s best scorers weren’t able to ignite. The Italian team missed the former blue Malcom Delaney, absent due to injury. A bad sign for the team led by Ettore Messina, who did not know how to remedy their lack of gunpowder and their inferiority in almost all indicators. He barely survived thanks to not missing a single one of his 20 free throws. But it was inferior in all other respects. Barça made the difference in Milan.

Armani Milan, 56; Barça, 72

Armani Milan: Roll (0), Punter (7), Micov (6), Leday (8), Hines (4) -starting team-; Moraschini (8), Sergio Rodríguez (0), Shields (10), Brooks (2), Evans (9) and Datome (2).

Barça: Calathes (0), Higgins (6), Abrines (6), Mirotic (15), Oriola (6) -starting team-; Davies (8), Westermann (5), Hanga (11), Bolmaro (0), Smits (6), Kuric (2) and Claver (7).

Partial: 12-15, 17-23, 15-17 and 12-17.

Referees: Belosevic, Javor and Hordov.

Mediolanum Forum in Milan. Behind closed doors. 30th round of the Euroleague.

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