Barça defends the Super League and the change in the structure of football … with the approval of the partners

Laporta will preside over a Board of Directors of 19 members with the novelty of Eduard Romeu

FC Barcelona has broken its silence after the breakdown of the Superliga, after first the English teams and later the Italian ones, backed down in view of the great controversy that the competition caused. The Barça club has issued a statement explaining its position.

“1.- FC Barcelona shares the analysis carried out by most of the major European football clubs in the sense that, and even more so in the current socio-economic situation, it is necessary to undertake structural reforms aimed at guaranteeing financial sustainability and viability. of the world of soccer improving the spectacle that is offered to fans around the world and consolidating and even increasing the social base on which this sport is sustained, which is its main bulwark and its main strength.

In this context, the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona accepted, as a matter of urgency, to form part, as the founding Club, of the Superliga, a competition whose premise is to improve the quality and attractiveness of the show offered to the football fans and, at the same time, and as an inalienable principle by FC Barcelona, ​​to seek new formulas of solidarity with the entire football family.

The decision was made with the conviction that an alleged resignation to be part of this initiative as a founding club would have been a historical error. As a world reference sports club, we defend the Club’s leadership vocation, which is an indispensable part of the identity and of the sports, social and institutional spirit of the Entity.

In any case, FC Barcelona, ​​an entity that has always been and will be the property of each and every one of its partners, expressly reserved the right to submit such a transcendent decision to the final approval of its competent social bodies after a necessary and profound study.

2.- Having verified the social reaction that the aforementioned initiative has produced in many and various fields, it is undeniable that FC Barcelona understands that a much more in-depth analysis must be opened on the reasons that have generated this reaction in order to reconsider, if appropriate, and where necessary, the approach and the formula initially proposed to address and solve all those issues always in the interest of the general world of football. This exercise in in-depth analysis requires the time and the necessary composure to avoid taking any rash action.

We consider it equally important to highlight the objective fact that a Court of Justice has already granted the urgent legal protection requested, thus confirming the appearance of good law of the initiative by the founding Clubs of the Super League project. In this sense, the Club considers that it would be out of place for the necessary process of reflection and debate to be established under criteria of unjustified pressure and intimidation. “

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