Bale scores in the first game without Mourinho and sends him a message

Gareth Bale celebrates a goal with Tottenham.

Gareth Bale was a starter in the first game of Ryan mason as coach of the Tottenham after the dismissal of Jose Mourinho and he scored the team’s first goal, which ended up winning 2-1. Mason made his debut on the bench of the London team after Mourinho’s dismissal after losing three consecutive games and marching seventh in the Premier League.

After the match, with the victory and his goal in his pocket, Bale attended the Sky Sports microphones and analyzed the team’s makeover. “We are a great team, with great players and we need to attack. We need to play something higher up the field. Today we have“Said the Welshman.

When asked if he had noticed more team differences with the arrival of the new coach, Bale praised the manager. “We have only had a couple of days with the new coach to do a few things. It’s going to take some time but we had a very interesting talk at halftime about things we could change, “said the forward. “A great talk at halftime and we played well in the second half”.

Also before leaving, the Welshman wanted to send a message to Mourinho. “It’s not about me. I know that everyone talks about me, that if I do this or that. But it’s not about me. No matter what happens to me, I worry about helping Tottenham. It was important to win today, we have the option to enter the top four and we will fight until the end ”, he made clear.

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