Away game – the SPOX column: Super League? The basic structure of the Klopp image threatens to crack

The newly created Super League strains the nerves and hearts of many football fans. The twelve clubs that want to found their own league are no coincidence and are pursuing their plans without emotion. But what do soccer malers like Jürgen Klopp and Diego Simeone actually do? Do you play the game?

There’s this episode of The Simpsons when a 100 year old law bans alcohol in Springfield. Barney Gumble, head drinker of the city, condolences in front of the gates of the Duff brewery, Homer Simpson swings himself up to the mysterious beer baron and the detached Inspector Rex-Banner comes to Springfield to stop the beer baron with hard bandages because Chief Wiggum is too incompetent .

Now you can choose who is the beer baron in the football world, who is Banner and who is Wiggum. Twelve clubs from Europe feel in the role of beer barons, who cannot live with the current situation and do their own thing to make people apparently happy with it.

Rex Banner in this case is Aleksandar Ceferin, head of UEFA, who has been posing as a representative of all football romantics in the world since Monday and wants to fight the “snakes”, as he himself said, with all bandages. Because he obviously can’t, he’s actually also a Wiggum. Until Sunday, Ceferin was still the baron who comes up with a bloated Champions League, apparently to make people happy with it.

There is actually only one role that is clear: the Barneys of this world are football fans. Like the ones from Liverpool FC, who condoled on Anfield Road on Monday because football died for them and many others. “It’s a shame,” they wrote on a banner, referring to their club, which, like eleven others, belongs to this association of apostates. Of course, they are not interested in making any football fans happy. For them it is about making the best possible profit (like Homer, incidentally, who made a fortune with the beer sold and later self-brewed).

Super League? The fans are not a factor

However, UEFA installed and established the Champions League. At first it was just the masters, but then everyone else too. The pot grew, and so did the hunger of the clubs. As 23 years ago, they are still looking for their own ways to earn even more. The International Champions Cup, or ICC for short, which was held every summer until the pandemic and in which the largest clubs in the world participate, was not only a foretaste, but also a warning.

But the ICC was only lucrative within limits, and there was no competition at the highest level. Who is excited about a friendship tournament? So then a tournament with competition. A tournament in which the giants regularly face each other. Real Madrid versus Manchester City instead of Wolverhampton versus Burnley. And this with all regularity and well paid. Who should contradict that? The fans? No. They are not a factor in the overall equation. All you need to do is take a look at the structure of the twelve clubs that launched the Super League.

Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and AC Milan are all owned by major US companies. Manchester City’s owners are based in the Emirates, at Inter Milan money flows from China, at Chelsea from Russia. Juventus and Tottenham are also owner-run clubs. At least from within Germany, but with a certain attitude towards traditions.

Example: To the displeasure of the very proud fans, Juventus changed its own club logo four years ago. That leaves the three Spaniards, who are not managed by others, but controlled by others. They no longer see their market within their own borders or in Europe. La Liga started a major PR campaign called “La Liga Experience” around two years ago to open up new markets.

What would crack would be the basic structure of the Klopp image if he actually took part in the game. Bo Svensson, coach of 1. FSV Mainz 05, speaks to many people when he says: “Jürgen, Thomas and Pep have an obligation. As I know them, they stand for other values ​​- not for more money . “

Super League: Jürgen Klopp has not revised his opinion

And there is Diego Simeone, who invented Malochen after all. Who likes to talk about “cojones”, about honesty in football. Does the Atletico coach at least say something about it? “I am the coach and I coach the team where they say I should coach them. I have no doubt that they will choose what is best for the club’s future.”

You don’t even need to think of having hope thanks to those who have been declaring for years that football is more than just commerce and that it is still crucial. No. You are part of the game that is being played today and you want to stay that way. You don’t want to fall off the grid when it goes further and higher. There are no doubts that one or the other club apparently had.

But if Barcelona can get rid of its horrific debts sooner, why not just throw away the tradition? “Més que un club”, nobody understands anyway. So there are only a few footballers and currently the German clubs that hold up the flag.

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