Away game – the SPOX column: Real Madrid have to pay for the Super League

If Real Madrid meet Chelsea in the Champions League (DAZN and LIVETICKER), it is the wrong competition for Florentino Perez. The Real President and his colleagues from the Super League put the future of football on the line and should pay for it.

The sun did its job. Although she has long since said goodbye to heaven, you can still feel the warmth in the city that she has given the Madrilenians throughout the day. The players from Real Madrid and Chelsea were sweating in a sweat before their evening game.

The sun also penetrates the team hotel when Zinedine Zidane and Thomas Tuchel hold the last meeting before leaving for the stadium. “Hit the gas for 60 minutes, people,” says Tuchel. Zidane is already further with his speech. He is already with the details: “Vinicius, my boy. If you don’t neglect defensive work today, you can twitch.” Vinicius nods.

The game is down to business. Referee Howard Webb, who is making a sensational comeback, has to use the VAR early. When he has made a decision, he runs to the center circle, switches on his headset microphone, is displayed on the video board and exclaims: “The decision, powered by McDonalds: Foul, Penalty for Real Madrid.” Karim Benzema made it 1-0 and then gave a short Q&A on Instagram before the kick continued. Florentino Perez wakes up when Toni Kroos plays a ball of sugar in the barrel of Kylian Mbappe on the center circle.

It was just a dream.

Real Madrid: more than a billion debt?

No Super League, because the force of the anger of the fans, the players, other clubs (and politics) was so great that first of all the English clubs started the retreat, and later the Italians and, at the very end, Atletico Madrid followed. In addition to Real Madrid, there are still FC Barcelona and Juventus. AC Milan officially withdrew, but should still have an interest in the ASL coming.

Now Real Madrid have to play against Chelsea in the no longer loved Champions League on Tuesday evening. UEFA credited Real with twelve million euros for this, which every semi-finalist is entitled to. If you add everything up, Los Blancos could ideally earn over 130 million euros.

Entry fee, victory bonuses, bonuses for each round and at the end the share from the coefficient pool. For comparison: FC Bayern earned almost 130 million euros with the Champions League victory in 2020. A lot of money and that doesn’t even include the TV income.

But Real has a problem: There is not enough money. Real Madrid’s debt is over € 900 million. Ex-President Ramon Calderon even speaks of a billion. The good man will already have reliable sources. Real has steadily increased its debt over the past few years. Although the sporting success set in, it did not save the club from making the economic situation controllable.

Ultimately, one must actually hope that Real will atone for this egoism. Not only that they dared the advance and offended all football fans with it. No. Real continues to work to save the Super League and by the way, the club is also working on the squad for the new season. David Alaba, for whom FC Bayern was too expensive, should earn 20 million euros annually at Real in the future.

It should also be one of the Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland categories. Calderon, who has just denounced the billions in debt that the club has, criticized Real in the summer for not having brought in “no big stars”. Oh yes: At Haaland, Real will probably have competition from Barcelona, ​​which will also be “dead” by 2024 at the latest without the Super League. Super league logic.

Real Madrid should atone for selfishness

This is what the Executive Committee decided on Friday. But in Spain, and especially in the Madrid area, the hottest theories are buzzing around that UEFA will punish Real on the pitch. Spain expert Javier Caceres reports in the Süddeutsche Zeitung by well-known radio experts and renowned journalists who spread the most violent conspiracy theories. It should be clear that Chelsea will get at least two penalties. It may be a coincidence that these journalists have a certain closeness to Perez.

Why Chelsea, one of the renegades and the last of all English clubs to announce their withdrawal, should be favored by UEFA, the conspiracy narrators did not explain. But the release of wild notions also shows that Perez will continue to turn this game. He uses the media, his power and also the instrument “pressure” to enforce his ideas.

He wants the Super League at all costs and he doesn’t even care if those are with him who were actually intended for it. “Maybe the solution is to have the best four teams from each country play, I don’t know,” he said last. He also says, “We must have done something wrong.” Yes, Mr Perez. And that’s not a dream either.

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