Atlético enhances the League

With their hearts in their bones, their soles worn and sweating like a shower, Atlético Simeone was enthroned in the League for the 11th time. A feat in these times with football with the tongue out. And nobody resisted more than the jabato mattress team, leader since the ninth day. On the shoulders of Simeone, a Caesarist who both trains the team as well as the rojiblancos rectors and fans, once again only Atlético has been able to drive a wedge between the classic colossi, Real Madrid and Barça. Both of them have divided the last 17 leagues except when the Simeone convoy has crossed their path, in 2014 and now.

The Argentine coach, recruited on December 23, 2011, already has eight titles with Atlético, whom he rescued from soccer Siberia. Anchored in the heroism of weakness – he always saw Real Madrid and Barça players as two Himalayas – Simeone has achieved much more than trophies. It is the currency of Atlético, of the club. To find a stamp so steeped in a team like cholismo, you have to rewind to cruyffismo. With the Argentine coach, the entity has erased with a stroke of the pen the victimist song of the pupae, even with his two European defeats with the neighbor. No longer palm in any way. Not even in a tournament as intriguing as this League. A squeezed League and with all the suspense until the last second of the last day. There were shivering moments for Atlético and dreamy moments for Madrid. Those of Zidane found shortcuts until the last moment. They got to be 10 points – and with one more game – of Simeone’s regiment.

In Valladolid, after coming back in the second act, Atlético was crowned in a big way, with the pendulum Madrid – winner at the last minute against Villarreal – in the neck until the end. A terminal goal by the locals in Pucela would have condemned the rojiblancos to a horror movie. Correa, with a messianic goal, and Luis Suárez, the footballer taken off by Barça, headed for the summit. In Zorrilla, the charrúa ended up drowning in an ocean of tears. From forced exile to the championship podium. Many reasons for the inner rage of someone who has scored 21 goals. A monumental scourge for Barça.

With the backbone of Oblak —the lock—, Savic —the cornet— Koke —the flute player—, Llorente —the supersonic— and Suárez —the hammer—, the Metropolitano team found the perfect chassis to certify a first round of the championship, with 50 points. Then others with a more gregarious air like Carrasco and, above all, Correa took up the track. From agitator to first class soloist, only the Argentine, together with Oblak, has participated in the 38 league matches.

Not only Correa has strengthened with Simeone. There is his invention with Marcos Llorente. Or his bet that Luis Suárez was not, at all, a premature retiree. And no one has had more ups and downs in the squad than Cholo. Of the 2014 league match, only two footballers have repeated in the jubilation of 2021: Koke and Giménez. From then on, there are still five Barça fans and 10 Madridistas. The mattress renovation has not lowered his persecution of Madrid and Barça. Always with the simeonist scaffolding of forging a team of concrete, united, with a powerful body and that will never give up. Cholismo, metabolized to the bone by the entity, is not discussed. It is already a legend. In Zorrilla sheltered by thousands of cholistas.

The rojiblanco bingo condemned Valladolid to relegation along with Huesca and Eibar. The day left Real Sociedad, Betis and Villarreal classified for European competitions. The people of Castellón have their historic appointment next Wednesday against United in the final of the Europa League. The result will depend on whether Emery’s men play the Champions League or the rookie Conference League.

And for present challenges those of Madrid and Barça, with Zidane – who congratulated his staff – and Koeman – who charged against his – as trapeze artists in two clubs willing to make an urgent move with or without them.

Meanwhile, the glorious Atlético will uncork champagne.

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