Atlético de Madrid’s 1×1 against AC Milan in the Champions League

The Atlético de Madrid lost at home to him AC Milan on the fifth day of the Champions League and got into a serious bind. This is how the soccer players of the mattress team played.

JAN OBLAK | Resigned

He could not do too much in the goal and before that he was right in the ones he had to stop.

MARCOS LLORENTE | chopped up

Very focused on defending, only in the final stretch of the game did he leave any brand of the house overflowing. Having him as a side is wasting one of your best assets.

SAVIC | Scare

The Montengrino suffered a blow to the knee that set off the alarms, although it continued without problems. Providencial in some cut in the area that had traces of danger on Giroud’s boots. Kessié’s center did not close well, which ended in a goal.

GIMÉNEZ | Reduced

He suffered at the speed of Milan, it was not his best game. And he could have done more to Messias’s mark on Milan’s goal.


Like the rest of his teammates, it was not his best night. More imprecise than usual.


In line with the general tone of the team, he did not appear too much, his overflow was longed for.

LEMAR | Insufficient

Willingness to go back to being the player from before the injury but still has it left.

KOKE | Overcome

AC Milan won the midfield battle. Somewhat more hasty than usual when making decisions.

OF PAUL | Scarce

Although he pulled personality to look for good actions, some outstanding shot was not enough for an Atlético that was overcome. Of the most drinkable of the team, despite everything.


With no chances to score, the forwards were victims of the team’s bad game because they didn’t have great chances.

GRIEZMANN | Unpublished

The Frenchman got off the hook to be able to enter the game because there were problems to generate chances.


LODI | Replacement

He entered in the absence of 25 minutes to try to give depth to the team, without much success.

STRAP | Wasted

He did not find the ways to do harm.


Same as Lodi, but on the right.


He entered to try to redirect a center of the field in which the battle had been lost. Few minutes.

CUNHA | Wrong

He had the tie in his boots but this time it didn’t go well.

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MADRID, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 24: Jan Oblak of Atletico Madrid warms up prior to the UEFA Champions League group B match between Atletico Madrid and AC Milan at Wanda Metropolitano on November 24, 2021 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Denis Doyle / Getty Images)

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