Atlético also withdraws from the Superliga

Atlético de Madrid has announced its exit from the Superliga after announcing on Tuesday the departure of the six English clubs (Manchester United, Liverpool, City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea) and that the president of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli, has assured this Wednesday that the project is currently unviable. Inter Milan has also joined the dropouts.

“The Atlético de Madrid Board of Directors, meeting this Wednesday morning, has decided to formally communicate to the Super League and the rest of the founding clubs its decision not to finally formalize its adherence to the project. Atlético de Madrid made the decision last Monday to join this project in response to circumstances that no longer exist today. For the club, harmony between all the groups that make up the rojiblanca family is essential, especially our fans. The first team’s squad and their coach have shown their satisfaction with the club’s decision, understanding that sporting merits must prevail over any other criterion, ”Atlético said. Shortly after, Inter Milan also announced their reversal.

With the departure of Atlético, the first Spanish club to retire, and Inter, only Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Milan remain among the 12 teams that officially announced the birth of the Super League on Sunday night. “Honestly, I no longer think it is possible,” Agnelli admitted this Wednesday.

Atlético’s announcement comes after fans were summoned on social networks to demonstrate this Thursday, before the League match with Huesca, against the Super League and the club’s adherence to it. On Tuesday evening, Atlético had already shown the founders of the breakthrough tournament their misgivings about facing UEFA and FIFA and starting a war without quarter. He shared the desire to demand that the clubs manage the rights of European competitions, but not to confront what meant the radical break with the traditional structures of football and the social revolt that was coming.

As has happened in England, Atlético’s leaders did not consult their fans thinking about the short term. The decision they made to join was projected on possible future reproaches for not being in the project if it had gone ahead. However, on social networks, the club has already felt the disappointment of a social mass that did not want to identify with the majority of the founders of the Super League.

“There is nothing to hide. I was one of the first to be consulted after the game and I said that I was confident that the club would decide the best for the club and it has been. This is good for everyone, ”said Diego Pablo Simeone this Wednesday. “Miguel Ángel Gil told us about the doubts that there were with the situation and what happened at night with the decision to leave the Super League. We understand that it is a look at our people and above all at the Atlético family ”, continued the rojiblanco coach, who concluded:“ Football belongs to everyone, to the people and we are. Before players or coaches we were all fans ”.

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