Asier Villalibre, that strange example of humility in elite football: he plays a game with the children of his neighborhood

Asier Villalibre, with some children

When a footballer reaches the top, like a First Division team, the cliché places him in a luxury car, dressed in expensive clothes and in an elite bubble, but there are some players who flee from that stereotype.

It is the case of Asier Villalibre. The forward of the Athletic Bilbao It has become, again, a viral phenomenon on the networks due to an image of him that has begun to circulate with speed. In it, he appears doing what he does in his day to day, playing a soccer game, but in a very different context: with some children, in a cement and porter patio.

The scene could not be more eloquent. Villalibre, like one more, is under sticks watching how the kids fight for the ball. The photo has been shared as one more example that he is not just any player, but that he has deeply ingrained the value of humility, and this has been recognized by many fans. The authentic football of the people that, coincidentally, was captured by a camera present.

Villalibre is not a typical footballer. He has artistic concerns, plays the trumpet (that’s why he became well known when they won the Spain Supercup to Barcelona) and together with other players he has a music band, Orsai, with which, in addition to giving free rein to his musical hobby, he also exercises solidarity work thanks to being so well known.

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