And Messi, finally, raised the Cup

Messi is not Maradona and Barça won the Cup as usual lately since they faced Athletic in the final. The last time the rojiblancos sang victory was in the time of Pelusa. It happened on May 5, 1984 and the match ended with a pitched battle at the Bernabéu. Life has been calmer at the Camp Nou with the arrival of Messi. The Rosario has already achieved as many titles as Piru Gainza (seven) for a total of 35 with Barça. Nothing surprising if it were not because until now the Argentine had never raised as captain a trophy that the club dominates with completeness: he already has 31, seven against Athletic.

The history of Messi as captain has not been as pleasant so far as the one he had as a field player, origin and end of football, when Iniesta and before Xavi were in command. On the 10th he received the trophy that accredited Barça as League champion in April 2019. The calamities have happened since then because the team stopped winning the League and also the Cup after stopping competing in the Champions League since 2015. To Barcelona He had been looking like a loser until Koeman returned. The wheel of success began to roll with the Dutchman’s goal in the 1992 Wembley European Cup final and was activated when Tintin sat on the bench at the Camp Nou.

Barça is once again a champion of the ciborium after dominating, maturing and finishing off a great game in what was the accursed Barça headquarters in Seville. Unlike the classic, the Catalans were as brave as they were responsible. They were once again that recognizable team that relies on long possessions and game control, well guided by Busquets and accelerated by Messi. He has played many matches the same during the season with opposite results because his luck depends on his success in the area and on the defensive capacity of the opponent, contrasted in the case of Athletic. The rojiblancos did not stop running after the ball, repetitive in the helps and the blocks to stop Messi, convinced of winning the final in one play, powerful in the strategy with their centrals and Raúl García.

Barça has been shot down more than once with a single shot after attacking non-stop with blank bullets due to the lack of a 9. It does not have the punch that Messi and Pedri’s football demands when De Jong’s arrivals do not end in goal but in Unai’s right post. It usually happens with the teams that aspire to claim victory from the game, as if the matches were played without goals and without a center forward and were resolved with the inside passes of the steering wheels, the width of the sides and the finesse of Messi.

Barça played against Barça for an hour until Griezmann scored and Messi’s fury was unleashed and De Jong’s ambition was imposed, cheerful and full as a midfielder, essential in a team that aspires to triumph in modern football without losing the uniqueness that claims to be from Barça. The performance had no reply from Athletic, depressed and subdued, paralyzed since 15 days ago he lost the Cup with Real Sociedad. The rojiblancos always arrived a second late to the ball played with finesse and speed by a Barcelona very well structured by the old guard formed by Piqué, Busquets and Messi and encouraged by the joviality of De Jong and Pedri. Barça triumphed the day they were not allowed to lose in Seville.

He already has the title he needed to be able to raise a project that for the moment already has a president (Laporta), a coach (Koeman) and maybe also a captain (Messi) if the 10 warns that a team will be built around him that will allow him to raise also the League and the Champions. Messi’s Barça was finally flawless in Seville.

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