An open microphone betrays Pipi Estrada: “It’s my turn for Raúl …”

Raúl González and Pipi Estrada

The possibility that Raul Gonzalez be the substitute for Zinedine Zidane, if he finally abandons the Real Madrid, is being a hot topic in white today. The talk shows of all the media are commenting on it, and between that moment and not that moment, some reveal the true opinion they have about it … even if it is accidentally.

Is what happened to Pipi estrada. The veteran reporter had his pluses and minuses with Raúl in the past, both when he was a footballer and later, and one of the most talked about anecdotes was a run-in they had in 2017, in a theater, because the then ambassador of Real Madrid did not feel like answering. Estrada himself remembered it recently in ‘El Chiringuito’.

This story came to light again this Monday, on the Radio Marca program ‘A Diario’, where Estrada is a fellow member. Asked about it, the reporter assured that it was not so bad. “I have no quarrels with Raúl. If you refer. I think it is a loving moment … He is a very special person. It came about that way. After that moment there was an ending where Figo Y Iron They got us together at the end of the night after the concert and we talked, and he told me that he didn’t like to have the microphone inserted. We ended up talking about our children, “he said.” Life has more important anecdotes, “he summarized later.

Next, the sports station went to publicity … but Estrada’s microphone was open. That’s when it slipped away your true opinion about Raúl. With the publicity playing in the background, the Asturian journalist was heard saying: “My Raúl touches my dick.” And so many users captured it on social networks.

Pipi Estrada followed Raúl González’s football career in his work as a reporter for Antena 3 Radio, Onda Cero and COPE, where he faced the player’s somewhat withdrawn character. During his years at Real Madrid he gave few interviews, and in fact he is very little given to grant them, so his relationship with the press was not entirely fluid.

Now, thanks to media lock imposed by the white club, it is practically impossible for Raúl to speak outside the official organs of the club, something that has partly helped him to stay out of all the rumor mill about his future so far.

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