An ex of Manchester United uncovers his depression and alcoholism: “I was hitting my head against the wall”

The Northern Irish goalkeeper has admitted that he "almost lost his family" due to "drinking too much".  After going through Manchester United or West Ham, he had to do rehabilitation.

Roy Carroll defended the goal of Manchester United during four seasons, from 2001 to 2004, in which he won a Premier League and an FA Cup. After his stint at Old Trafford he signed for West Ham where a new adventure in England began … but also his great nightmare. A back injury in 2006 kept him in the dry dock for several weeks, thus causing him a depression from which he had a hard time getting out.

This is how he has recently told it in an interview for the ‘Daily Mail’, where uncovers all the secrets of his problems and the alcoholism in which he ended up falling. “I had never had a prolonged injury before and I was slowly digging myself into a deeper hole. I was not mentally prepared for this, “he explained.

It was then that he found a “solution” in drinking, which only made his situation worse. “For me, it was like getting rid of depression. I drank and forgot about it. But the next day, things got worse and he was drinking again. That it does not work. I went to rehab because others wanted me to: my wife, my agent, and my friends. I didn’t see anything wrong with me, that was my biggest problem“, he assured.

“I was in a dark room and I was drinking a lot. I had no outside help. Nobody knew what was wrong with me because I never talked about it. Everyone thought I was the happiest boy in the world, but I would go home, close the door, and bang my head against the wall.. I’d have a few drinks to try to forget, “he continued.

In 2011, Carroll hit rock bottom when after two seasons at Danish Odense he was left without a team. “I drank almost every day. I had a lot of free time, my drinking was crazy. If I hadn’t stopped I wouldn’t be here today. I don’t think my body would have resisted it. I was never at that stage where I would have committed suicide, but I would have died from the drink“, it states.

Fortunately, the goalkeeper ends up reporting that he is out of that torment and that he has “out of drink 10 years“Anyway, it warns that” you will never get rid of depression “, since it” comes back from time to time “.”This can happen to anyone who has depression and drinks a lot at home.“, sentence.

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