Álvaro Arbeloa, the star candidate to be Carlo Ancelotti’s second on the Real Madrid bench

Álvaro Arbeloa, in a promotional event.

The arrival of Carlo Ancelotti to the Real Madrid It could mean the incorporation of a former white team to the coaching staff and the name of Alvaro Arbeloa. Despite the fact that the Italian lands in Madrid with his trusted people, it is common for him to always open the door to someone in the house.

Arbeloa is just what Ancelotti wants, since it is a canterano, ‘from the house’ and with his first steps on the benches already taken. The ex of Real Madrid directed Infant A of the white club and proclaimed Champion of Group I of the Division of Honor without losing a single game.

In the case of confirming the incorporation of Álvaro Arbeloa as Ancelotti’s second, he would follow in the wake of Zinedine Zidane Y Fernando iron, who were with the Italian coach in his previous two-season spell at Real Madrid.

“He is a well-known coach throughout the world, who always has a great deal with the players and with a quite offensive style of play. He is a coach who gives his players a lot of freedom to show all the talent they have inside. We played great football with him, we won La Décima and I think they were two quite positive seasons”Stated Álvaro Arbeloa in Real Madrid Television when asked about Ancelotti’s return. “I think that Carlo’s teams are very well organized, but then he always likes offensive and showy football. Besides, one of the positive things about his arrival is that he knows Real Madrid perfectly, how it works, everything that surrounds the club and the demands that this team has and that will serve him a lot in this second stage ”.

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