Aleksander Ceferin and Andrea Agnelli, an intense friendship broken by the Super League: “The biggest disappointment of my life”

Aleksander Ceferin, President of UEFA, and Andrea Agnelli, President of Juventus

The consequences that the Super league, to this day, they are difficult to foresee, but only with his announcement has already been one of the most disruptive events in the history of modern football. The open war between the founding clubs and the Federations it also has personal affectations.

Aleksander ceferin, president of the UEFA, Y Andrea Agnelli, president of the Juventus, were until not long ago great friends. Intimate, you could say. The Italian and the Slovenian had carried the normal relationship between two key figures in world football (Agnelli was also, until this Sunday, president of the ECA, the European Club Association) personally and in fact Ceferin was the godfather of one of Agnelli’s daughters. Dinners, trips, vacations, confidences … they had both trusted each other until now.

This great friendship has been broken by the Super League. Ceferin accuses Agnelli of having betrayed him by handling the strings behind his back, along with Florentino Pérez, of the new tournament. “It’s probably the biggest disappointment of my life. I’ve never seen a person who could lie like that. I called him on the phone on Saturday and he said it was just rumors, but that he would call me in an hour. Then he turned off the phone“confessed the lawyer.

“Greed is so strong that it prevails over all human values,” he settled in this regard, and described the leaders of the Super League as “snakes”. Nor was it spared Ed woodward, CEO of Manchester United. “I was a criminal lawyer for 24 years but I never had to deal with people like that. He called me last Saturday and told me that he was very satisfied with the proposed reforms (the new Champions League) and that he had supported them 100%. And instead already I had agreed otherwise, “he says about him.

Florentino Pérez He referred to these words from the UEFA president and defended his colleague Agnelli, with whom he also shares a good friendship.

“What the UEFA president cannot do is to insult, as he has insulted Andrea Agnelli. It seems unpresentable to me, UEFA has to change, we do not want a president who insults and we want transparency. We all change and change for the better. It is not conceived in democratic Europe this, these things are not said, for the good of society, “he said, notably annoyed, in El Chiringuito.

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