Alcoyano: From Zidane’s Madrid to Ancelotti’s

Of ‘Alcoyanazo‘From last year (1-2) to tomorrow’s duel against the Alicante team, not even a year has passed. The first duel and in which the Madrid He hit a historical stumble occurred on January 20, 2021 and tomorrow will be 15 days before, on the 5th.

However, even though the Earth has not circled the Sun one full circle since then, the Real Madrid it has changed quite a bit. He has changed coach. No longer is Zidane, is now Ancelotti. And captain. No longer is Bouquets, is now Marcelo. And to change, even players who were in the debacle and who are still in the team today have changed. It is the case of Vinicius or Militao who wear the jersey but everyone will agree that they are not the same players as then.

Substantial improvement

The reality is that, at least in the moment of form, the Madrid from Ancelotti arrives better than that of Zidane to the premiere date in Cup. Now a leader arrives with an atmosphere of tranquility and hope as a result of the results and what is to come, presumably closer and closer (Mbappé, ‘New Bernabéu’ …).

In 2021, however, the team came away from the Atlético de Madrid in the League and immediately after also falling into the Super Cup before him Athletic. The climate was of tension with a worn out Zidane who was criticized after only a few months of winning The league with solvency and the headlines also focused on the figure of Ramos, whose renewal did not arrive.

Thus, without fear of error, it can be ensured that the Real Madrid, almost a year later, he arrives at the stadium of The Collao with the same ocean liner image as then but with much more organized cabins.

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