Agent: Rangnick wants to become national coach – Klopp fulfills contract “definitely”

Ralf Rangnicks advisor Marc Kosicke has opposite Sport1 confirms that the 62-year-old would like to succeed Joachim Löw in the German national team. A national coach Jürgen Klopp for the home EM 2024, on the other hand, is excluded.

“He’s interested in the national coach’s job. The fact that he sometimes interprets certain things more holistically is in the nature of things,” said Kosicke of Rangnick. “But first and foremost he would like to be national coach.” Rangnick is in his early 60s and in top shape: “That would be the culmination of his career.”

Kosicke does not see any problems when working with team manager Oliver Bierhoff: “Rangnick and Bierhoff would be a strong duo. Ralf would not have any problems with such mind games in advance.”

A few days ago, Löw announced his resignation after the EM next summer. At Sky Rangnick had recently indicated his interest: “It’s a position that leaves no one in Germany indifferent. Basically, I can imagine anything.”

A report from FAZ According to the association, however, should not be interested in working with Rangnick. According to media reports, Bayern Munich’s Hansi Flick is the preferred candidate, but he referred to his contract with the record champions, which was dated until 2023.

Klopp will not be national coach: “No back door open”

Klopp, currently team manager of Liverpool FC, will “definitely” fulfill his contract, which is still valid for three years, emphasized Kosicke.

Immediately after Löw announced his resignation, who will stop after 15 years in office after the EM in the summer, Klopp (53) had already publicly canceled. With the current statement by his advisor, the issue of installing a “placeholder” until it is available at the DFB should finally be off the table.

“Jürgen has always emphasized in the past few years that he could certainly be available for the office of national coach at some point if the DFB is looking for a coach and Jürgen is not looking after a club,” said Kosicke. Klopp is “not finished with his work in Liverpool. There is no back door open because Jürgen still has a three-year contract with the Reds.”

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