After threatening letter: national coach Joachim Löw assures Gislason support

National coach Joachim Löw sharply condemned the racist insults and massive threats against Alfred Gislason and assured the national handball coach of his support. “I can hardly imagine what such a threat triggers in a person. Alfred, I and many people are by your side!” Wrote Löw on Twitter.

The Icelander Gislason received an anonymous threatening letter on Tuesday. If Gislason, it says in the letter with many spelling errors, does not resign, he will be visited on his property. “Let’s see what happens to your property. We’ll wait and see,” they say. One wishes for “a German coach for the handball team”.

He hoped “that the author will be found and will have to answer,” said Löw. The national team tweeted: “You are a terrific national coach, and we are proud of you and your team. In Germany we have to stand for solidarity and protection, not for exclusion.”

Women’s national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg called for “full solidarity with Alfred Gislason” after the “cowardly attack”. You have great respect for “your openness and your courage to go public with the hostility”. The support of so many people shows “that the vast majority of society advocates values ​​such as fair play, cohesion and tolerance.”

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