After the withdrawal of the six English clubs, the Super League announces that it wants to “reshape”

Manchester City supporter calls for Super League cancellation
After the announcement of the withdrawal of the six English clubs from the Super League project two days after its formalization, this new club competition reacted on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday by evoking a “remodeling”, but not its disappearance.

“We have never lost control, you are face to face with the man who sold the world.” This is how, more or less, the Super League reacted on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday to the defection of half of those who had bought this idea of ​​a new European club competition. The departure of the six English clubs project does not (yet?) Endanger the holding of this new organization, she said in a statement. At the most, she is getting ready to “reconsider“its offer, while hammering out its flawless legal value.

In view of the circumstances, we will reconsider the measures necessary to reshape this project, always having in mind to offer the fans the best possible experience and strengthen the solidarity of the football community.“evoked the dissident test. Faced with the revolt of many components of world football, from clubs not concerned by this Super League, to world football leaders, including mainly supporters of this game and its players, the English clubs of the competition were “forced to make this decision because of the pressure they were put under“she considers.

So faced with this starting wave like a saloon door, two days after the announcement of this new event, the Super League refuses to keep a low profile. And insists on its legitimacy, both legal and sporting. “We are convinced that our proposal is correct and in accordance with European rules, as has been proven in the courts today, the latter having not hesitated to protect the Super League project against actions of any third party. ‘they are.“A commercial court in Madrid has in fact issued a decision allowing any sanction against this competition to be frozen. It is still necessary that this jurisdiction has a value against a body based in Switzerland? As for the Super League, this is not in a small committee that she will have something to play with?

With now only six members, including three Italians with a stronger conviction to believe the transalpine media in recent hours, the project no longer looks great. Without Premier League training, in addition to those of Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, this “Champions League” no longer seems viable as it is. Not enough to make him bend his knee so far.

We are convinced that the status quo of European football needs a change and we propose a new competition because the current system does not work well. Our proposal aims to change the football industry and generate value for the entire football pyramid. It is, without doubt, an excellent opportunity to face the difficulties linked to the pandemic, and it was designated with the main objective of increasing solidarity payments to the entire football family.

The English part of this family has yet signed its surrender, scalded by the popular reaction, but also certainly by the threats of sanctions brandished by UEFA and FIFA. Perhaps the change so ardently desired by the Super League could come with a return to calm after a turmoil like club football had seen little. The reform of the Champions League, formalized Monday from the 2024 edition despite its share of criticism, could then become a working basis again. But this time focusing on consultation rather than a forced passage. The revolution in European club football is in any case badly underway.

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