After Super League chaos: Premier League calls for the resignation of the “Big 6” boards from committees

The Premier League has asked the CEOs of the six English clubs involved in the Super League chaos to resign from the boards of the highest English football league.

According to information from the portal The Athletic Premier League managing director Richard Masters made a request to the management of Manchester United and Manchester City, Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC and Liverpool FC. Tottenham Hotspur, the sixth club, are not represented on the league bodies.

The other 14 clubs and the Premier League board of directors, after meeting on Tuesday, believed that the “Big 6” acted in bad faith by participating in talks and negotiations behind the backs of the other clubs.

Accordingly, the clubs had explicitly violated two rules. On the one hand against rule B.16, which states that “in all matters and transactions that affect the league, every club must behave with the greatest possible benevolence towards every other club and the league”.

And against rule L9: “Except with the prior written approval of the Board of Directors, a club may not take part in any competition during the season with its first men’s team than the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the FA Cup, the FA Community Shield, the football League Cup or competitions approved by the district association to which it belongs “.

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