A UEFA official asks that Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea be banned from playing the Champions semi-finals


The announcement of the imminent creation of the Super league European football, the ESL, has caused a real earthquake of unprecedented dimensions in the history of the beautiful game. The competition in which only 20 of the best teams in the world would participateMaking it inaccessible to the most humble, it has generated all kinds of reactions, generally against it, with numerous clubs, leagues, federations and organizations opposing it.

The threats were not long in coming in response, with UEFA, FIFA and some leagues vetoing the participation of teams that are part of the Super League in their competitions. However, certain members of the European organization go further and want take action immediately.

That is what a member of the UEFA Executive Committee expects, Jesper moller, also president of the Danish Football Federation, who “hopes” that go to the teams involved in this same edition of the Champions and Europa League.

I hope UEFA bans Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea from playing in the semi-finals of the Champions League this season. The clubs must go and I hope that happens on Friday. Then we will have to figure out how to continue, “he said in remarks to Reuters.

“I think contracts expire automatically when clubs opt out of UEFA tournaments. So the players are free and can choose to play for a club that is part of solidarity and the community: our system, “he added.

In that way, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City They have at risk the dispute of the semifinals of the Champions League, still pending and that should be held next week, on April 27 and 28. More of the same will happen to Arsenal and Manchester United, other teams that hope to start the Super League next season, in their case, in the Europa League.

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