A Super League until the end

Nacho finishes in the action of the Real Madrid goal.

The Spanish Super League will have rope and suspense until the end after a throbbing day. As disturbing in the Metropolitan as in San Mamés. Many games were played in both domains, with people in suspense, in cold sweats, here and there. For twenty minutes, Real Madrid was seen with the throne in the boat. The agonizing Atlético denied it, but Real will arrive with a pulse to the last appointment. He will be visited by Villarreal, who three days later will put on his tail coat for the first final in their history, against Manchester United. His neighbor, Simeone’s painting, will have to travel to Valladolid, where the locals are pressed by the drama of relegation. Nothing is closed. And less in this League where each victory requires tonnage, no familiarities for the great, for the rich.

No one can lose step. Madrid did not do it after a duel with many curves. At least when the successive emotions caused the championship to ignite. Initially, in San Mamés chicha was lacking, at least in a first act as erratic as it was leaden on both sides. With two goalkeepers in the hammock, Madrid was not typing, lacking overflow, depth, hook, riflemen. And even a bad grape with the possible treasure at stake. Athletic was also stranded, to which nothing qualifying was going in the game, but against Madrid there is always a prestigious booty for which to roll up its sleeves. It was another Athletic with a simple line: refuge on the ropes behind the ball and put Williams or Sancet in transit on the run. No more vectors. Zidane’s team did not allow it. And Marcelino’s was well encapsulated, only threatened by one of his boys.

Before a center from Odriozola, Morcillo took out his right elbow. Another referee scrubbing with happy hands. The elbow seemed a penalty, but the only thing evident in these times is that football urgently needs a universal symposium on the matter. The sainetes are perpetuated day by day. A trade union for people, professional actors and spectators.

Zidane’s breakdowns every week are not easy either. He manages the lineups as he can. Some get sick, others are exhausted, some do not take off, in the case of Asensio and Hazard. There are those that flow only episodically, in the case of Rodrygo and Vinicius. Some responses are not entirely firm and consistent. Setbacks occur, many wounded situations. The course has been a lunar landscape for the French coach, a very bumpy season for Real.

However, Zidane’s men survive, even though Madrid is not explained as on so many occasions. It is Madrid. And period. That’s their chorus. In Bilbao, after the break, the team had another volume. Already a shirtless Real, overturned on the territory of Unai Simón, cornered with a set piece. The equation was simple: the Courtois area wide open and the entire regiment for Simon’s net, crucial in a Modric shot.

At the hour came Savic’s goal not goal at Wanda. As the VAR judged him, Casemiro headed off the crossbar. Atlético got a cross and Madrid saw themselves with a most unexpected goal. But it is Madrid. That Madrid so convoluted to decipher that it saw itself as the leader of the tournament.

With the Real in the middle, there are no slates or other bagpipes that are worth. And even sometimes their logic is the purest illogical. Let’s see. After the umpteenth corner in favor, Casemiro executed a cross that both looked like a cross and perhaps a shot. The ball passed Benzema, in positional offside, and Nacho bounced off his right knee. Nacho’s carom, priceless for many things, not for the goal: he had not scored since February 6, 2020 (in the Copa del Rey against Real Sociedad). Nacho, along the lines of other punctual scorers: Militão, Mendy, Carvajal …

Villalibre and Vesga almost hunted the tie for Marcelino’s men when the echo of the Metropolitano was even more favorable for Madrid, already armored by then against the inconsistent rowing of their rival. Atlético came back with their tongue out, in those final trances that have condemned them so many times in their life. But when the big fireworks come next weekend, Atlético and Real will shout with aplomb: Present! This is how this Super League is.

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