A player from Pozuelo, admitted to the UCI after seriously hitting his head on the ground

Carlos Monzón, from Pozuelo, at the time of the fall.

Great scare that the players of the Pozuelo and Alcorcón B during one of the matches for the promotion to the Second RFEF. Carlos Monzón, player of the pozueleño team fell to the ground after a jump due to the dispute of a ball, it hit the ground roughly and began to convulse.

The medical services entered the field of play to try to stabilize him and he was later transferred to the Alcorcón Foundation University Hospital, where he entered the ICU under sedation.

In the midst of fear and uncertainty, good news came from El Pozuelo, who reported on social networks that his player’s life was not in danger.

After the last tests carried out, it has been confirmed that the young player does not suffer any brain injury and responds correctly to stimuliTherefore, it is expected that the sedation will gradually decrease.

The Madrid club also wanted thank the many expressions of love and support received by other clubs in the region and in the category.

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