A drone with a flag against the Eurocup in Bilbao falls in the middle of the game in San Mamés

Pizarro Gómez withdraws the drone with the flag against the Euro.

Surreal episode in San Mamés at match that faced Athletic and Eibar this Saturday: a drone fell in the middle of the game and the referee Pizarro Gómez had to stop the match to remove it.

Everything was in a fright and the drone did not fall on anyone. The directed flying object hung a flag with the campaign slogan against the celebration of the Eurocup in San Mamés next summer.

San Mamés will be one of the twelve venues of the Euro 2020, moved to 2021 by the Covid pandemic. However, there are several detractors of the celebration of the continental tournament in the city of Bilbao.

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