A drone and little football in San Mamés

Strange things have happened in San Mamés throughout its history. In the old field, there were those who climbed, in a drunken state, to the top of the arch that held the deck of the tribune and the Armed Police had to go up to get them down from there, supposedly with not too many good manners. They were ancient times.

Other things happen in modern ones. Like a drone crashing on the lawn and nobody is surprised. He was carrying a banner against the Eurocup, which was not seen, because the aircraft stopped flying early. It was entertaining, if fleeting, in a game without too many moments for fun. In fact, the drone was the only thing out of the ordinary that happened in the second half, rough as sandpaper, difficult to swallow, and that the footballers who appeared on the grass were ballized.

For him Athletic, the match against Eibar It was the dress rehearsal for the Cup final. It is likely that Marcelino will use the same players who played in San Mamés in the La Cartuja match against Real, although they will have to fine-tune. For the Mendilibar team, the appointment was already a final, no rehearsals. It is played every weekend from the edge of the cliff, so there was no reason for speculation on either side. However, when both teams need victory to assess their goals, it is very often that both teams end up frustrated.

Eibar came out as always, pressed from the beginning, but did not count on the fact that De Marcos is usually undetectable to the radar in some of his forays on the right. It happened for the first time in a throw-in, in which he looked for the wall; he crossed to the first and Yuri enjoyed a volley from the penalty spot that went like a missile in the goal. With the score on their part, Athletic had all the ballots, but did not have a huge error by Unai López, who received the ball and as a quarterback Without play, he began to retreat towards his area without finding a clear pass, until Kike García arrived to steal it cleanly and beat Unai Simón on his way out to tie.

With the score even, the game got very thick, like paste. Nobody hit the goal again, although De Marcos had the clearest chance in a shot with his chest that Dmitrovic kicked off the line with his foot. Nothing else happened. Neither Athletic had a happy rehearsal for the final against Real Sociedad, nor did Eibar manage to unbalance in their favor in a match in which they needed victory. In the last minutes, with at least one point in his pocket, he decided to keep, while Athletic chained inaccuracies.

The drone that Pizarro Gómez found on the lawn remained, the same referee who a few weeks ago, also in San Mamés, found a mobile phone in the small area. A metal detector will be brought with you on your next visit. In case I find gold. It will be easier than finding football in a match like the one Athletic and Eibar played.

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