A Benzema unleashed without Cristiano: the cat puts on his boots without the alpha male

Karim Benzema celebrates his goal against Chelsea.

If Real Madrid is in the semifinals of the Champions League – and with options to reach the final – and alive in the League, it is thanks, to a great extent, Karim Benzema. His goal against Chelsea when things were worse saved again a team that was adrift before a real nine action that reflects the change that the Frenchman has undergone in his game.

When Cristiano Ronaldo left in the summer of 2018, the Frenchman had to take a step forward in terms of his scoring responsibility. The five goals in 32 games What did Benzema in the 2017/18 League, the last of the Portuguese with the white shirt, was an unworthy figure for a Real Madrid center forward. Something had to change.

His style was perfect to play alongside Cristiano and Gareth Bale, who took advantage of the French’s associative game to perfection, but without the Portuguese and with the Welshman suffering an obvious downturn in his game, it was time for Benzema will take out the scorer he had hiddenor.

His numbers have gone up since then. He made 21 goals in La Liga in 2018/19 Y another 21 in 2019/20 to make Madrid champion. In this, he has been 21 … with six days still ahead. He has his best league record within reach, the 24 he made in 2016.

Although the most striking fact of his career was achieved on Tuesday: it is the fourth top scorer in the Champions League. His goal against Chelsea, 71, makes him equal Raúl González and just two behind Robert Lewandowski. Ahead, only Leo Messi (120) and CR (135). Not bad at all for a player who has always been blamed for having trouble scoring. The cat, as Mourinho called him somewhat contemptuously, it did not explode when the dog (Gonzalo Higuaín) left, it did when he left the alpha male of the white pack, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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